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This web site has been created with the purpose to offer the users a thorough information about Imetal as well as to offer different ways to contact us.

Also, it offers a possibility to access to information about promotion executed Imetal.

imetalsa.es domain is registered in favour of Imetal, , a Spanish company entered in the Companies’ Register of Asturias, volume: 2560; Book: 0; Page: 162; Section: 8; Leaf: AS 1501; Registration: marge/4; Date: 08/04/2005; Year Pre.: 2005.

The registered office of Imetal for the purpose of this legal advice is Camino Lloreda a la Picota Nº489. 33211 Gijón. Asturias. España.

You can contact us in the next numbers an e-mail:

Telephone: +34 985 314 853 / +34 985 314 972
Fax: +34 985 320 877
Email: info@imetalsa.es


2.1 .- Obligation to make a correct use of this service.

Access and use conditions of this web site are subject to legality in force and principles of good faith and lawful use by user so it is generally prohibited any type of action to the detriment of Imetal and adverse to this Legal Advice.

The user undertakes not to use this service incurring in activities that may be considered as unlawful or may break the rights of Imetal or the third persons or may damage, disable, overload or spoil the service and also those activities that may impede the normal use therein by users.

2.2.- Contents Petition

The user shall abstain to make petitions of contents offered through this web site using ways or procedures different from those have been set out or indicated in the web site or different from those regularly used in Internet provided that they do not imply a risk of the service and its contents may be disabled.
2.3.- Prohibitions

The use of this web with illegal or not authorized purposes is specifically prohibited without precise character:

  • Any third persons’ rights violation ( right of privacy, right to the own image, industrial and intellectual property rights, etc.)
  • To make any type of publicity such as junk mail (spam) or similar communication using the contents of this web site.
  • To introduce computer virus, defective files or any other software of computer programme that may produce damages or alterations not authorized in the contents or the accessible systems of this web site.


The rights to reproduction, distribution and communication to the public belong to this web site and whose holder is Imetal. All the texts, designs, contents, structure, data base, logos, codes and any other element of therein are protected by legislation and international Treaties in force about this matter. Imetal has the necessary intellectual property rights to exploit the web site and their integral elements.

Any reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, transformation or any type of exploitation of this web content accomplished any way either electronic or mechanical or other is strictly prohibited. The infringement of these rights shall cause the exercise of the appropriate judicial proceedings either civil or/ and criminal.

Imetal is holder of brand names, logos and domain names associated to the services rendered through this web so it is strictly prohibited its reproduction or use not authorized by the holder of them.


All the personal data facilitated through this web to make any king of petition, order, information sending, suggestion or similar are subject to our Privacy Policy whose content is integral part of this legal advice and use standards.


User shall be responsible for infringements or prejudices may causes to third persons due to an improper or illegal use of this web site.

Imetal is exempted of damages or prejudices derived from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer virus, telephone breakdowns or disconnection in the operative functioning of the electronic or computer system provided that they are produced by causes not related to the company. Also La Igualdad Crea Empresa is exempted of delays or blocks in use of such systems caused for failure or overload of telephone line or overload in Internet system or other electronic system.

Users use hyperlinks at their own risk. Links we find in the web site a are established for the purpose of information and it does not imply any type of association with those web sites or recommendation about the products or services offered therein. Imetal does not guarantee the conditions or content legality or the correct rendering of services; offers made to users by third parties and whose access is through links established in this pages. Also, La Igualdad Crea Empresa shall not be responsible of links created by its clients through their own web sites.

Imetal is released from responsibility regarding to "cookies" that third persons may install in the hard disk of user’s computer.

As well, Imetal shall not be responsible of typographical mistakes or inaccuracies may be appreciated in contents of its web site.


Imetal reserves the right to facilitate discretionally and temporally the access to its web site, without notice, as well as to modify, update, correct at any moment and without notice the presentation, legal advice, service conditions, or use and contents of this web site provided that it is done in compliance with the legislation in force.


Spanish legislation shall be applied to every lawsuits derived from interpretation, application and/or fulfilment of this legal advice as well as complaints derived from use.

In the case of conflict, participants agree to submit to the Spanish Judges and Courts expressly declining other jurisdiction may be applied.

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